iLinking I-AN

iLinking is a 10in1 multi-functional device,it's integrated rapid charging in 2.1A,USB HUB,power bank,power supply(4A),retractable micro USB cable,replaceable battery,convert stand,LED light,OTG.

Product Description

Product Feature

Product Description

Convert Stand

The stand can be fit for variety size of phone and tablet.


  Placing method for tablet                  Placing method for phone(horizontally or vertically)

The stand can bear 12" tablet(up to 1 kg weight)


Rapid charge at 2.1A

Provide the device with rapid charge.

4+1 ports charging

iLinking can charge 4 devices and internal battery simultaneously when it connect with adaptor.

Power bank

When iLinking connects with adaptor,the battery can be charge to full capacity in two hours.

Support OTG feature

Connected wire or wireless keyboard/mouse/joystick through iLinking to control phone/tablet smoothly.

 IOS system is not supported


Replaceable battery design

Depend on personal needs to prepare multiple batteries for extend iLinking's usage.


Retractable micro USB cable

1.Charging   2.Data transfer   3.Support OTG feature   4.Retractable micro USB cable with 3 section

Cable lengths up to 18cm

HUB - data transfer

When connect with PC/NB and adaptor, iLinking can provide 3 ports data transfer with charge and 1 port with 2.1A rapid charge.

Power supply

iLinking can provide devices charge with external power source,even without battery inside.

LED Lighting

The LED lampshade can rotate with 360 degree.

The book clip can fix on the book and provide light for reading.

Intelligent protection function

Each port will have independent protection function to prevent the device over-charge or over-discharge.

◆iLinking has independent protection for each port to prevent the devices with over-charge and over-discharge phenomenon.

◆The convert stand is easy to storage,and you can the stand anywhere you want.

◆When iLinking connects with adaptor,it will still working even if there have no internal battery.

◆iLinking's case has anti-scratch process.

◆UPS:When iLinking connects adaptor,it can be charge the connected devices;When the adaptor is removed,the iLinking will continuous provide for the devices by the internal battery automatically.

Product Specifications




Basic Structure   

USB Port(Output)

3 ports

3 ports

Micro USBPort(Input)

1 port

1 port

Retractable USB cable(Output)

1Micro USB

1Micro USB

DC Jack

LED Light

Rotate Arms

Book Clip

Replaceable Battery


L 118.8/W 66.9/H 27.9 mm/185 gincluded battery pack

Data Transmission

               USB port x2                   Micro USB port x1

               USB port x2                   Micro USB port x1


Adaptor Charging Mode

5VDC/3A(4A Max)

           5VDC/2A Max               not inclouded Adaptor

Battery Charging Mode

5VDC/2.5A Max

5VDC/2.5A Max

Charging Function

             2.1A port x1              1.0A port x3

             2.1A port x1              

1.0A port x3


Battery Rapid Charge

Product Protection




Power Supply

5VDC/3A Adaptor


Li-Polymer 4000mAh/3.7V

Li-Polymer 4000mAh/3.7V



USB Cable

20cm USB Cable

20cm USB Cable

Power Supply

Worldwide Interchangeable  Plugs Output at 5VDC/3A

Easy Carry Bag

EVA Material Bag

EVA Material Bag


Li-Polymer 4000mAh/3.7V

Li-Polymer 4000mAh/3.7V